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Due to the extensive possibilities of the Zynyo signing service, various approval processes can be digitized, making it possible to work much more efficiently.

With the signing service developed by Zynyo, paper work processes are easily replaced by digital processes. Their experts are happy to assist you in this transition. The Zynyo signing service is ISO 27001 certified and meets the strictest requirements of European legislation and GDPR.

The Zynyo services are already integrated in various standard software packages or will be linked soon so that you can easily sign digitally.


JanusID provides various services in the field of identity and identity determination. With their extensive experience in privacy and technology, they create solutions that reduce time spend and hassle from their customers in the process of identifying employees and customers. They focus particular on:

1. Identity verification (CheckedID)

2. eIDAS High digital signing

3. ID based traveling

4. Safe, reliable and easy login

For CheckedID we would like to refer you to our CheckedID website.

Regulatory Lab

Anti-terror and money laundering laws are getting stricter. Notary and law firms that do not comply with this risk sky-high fines and serious damage to reputation. Regulatory Lab’s total solution addresses these concerns.

Their Legal Compliance Software is state-of-the-art software for the notarial profession, the legal profession and tax specialists to meet all current and future requirements of AML laws. It offers content, efficiency, uniformity, consistency, customer-friendliness, integrity, transparency and much more.


Appjection is, since 2017, making unjust traffic fines a thing of the past. Using their automated decision-making software with a touch of AI they can, within a view steps, see whether your ticket is legitimate or not. If this isn’t the case they will get you a refund.

After winning the ‘De Brauw 2017 Innovation Challenge’ they joined the Legal Tech Factory and have grown from 20 fines a month to 1000 a month within a year. To keep up with this traffic their team has expanded from 0 to 9 employees.

Though online advertising helped them to get the ball rolling, the real growth resulted from their partnerships with leasing and parking giants Lease Plan and Park Mobile.

Adapting Legal

Performing repetitive processes by costly lawyers are starting to become outdated. Using decision tree software many of the legal processes can be automated. The Adapting Legal software helps legal or financial services companies to automatically generate legal documents, start processes and workflows.

The first large firms are already using the software to become more efficient in the changing legal industry. Aside from Omnius and Nationale Advies Balie, The Legal Tech Factory initiated the implementation at ARAG. Now Adapting has landed their first big clients, they will keep expanding their foothold in the Dutch market.


Appeal joined the Legal Tech Factory right after they came in second at the Global Legal Hackathon for their creative way of getting unlawful tenant fees back from real estate companies. Using scraping software and automated document generation, they are finding disadvantaged tenants and helping them out in the most efficient way.

They have only started a couple of months ago and are already helping out their first customers. The Legal Tech Factory is now helping them develop a viable business model and finding the right channels of growth.

Young Law

Every starting and growing company has its fair share of growing pain. Getting the legal foundation set up right with every growth spurt is key for the survival of any thriving business.

Young Law started as a student job when the founders helped business owners with Legal compliance. They quickly found a way to automate this process and are now attracting larger audiences. The Software is easily integrated in the online sales process of Banks, Insurers, and website builders to automatically generates all the necessary legal documents like terms and conditions, privacy statements, disclaimer, and GDPR related contracts.

Flight Claim

Have you ever had a flight delayed with more than three hours? Chances are that you have the right to a refund. Yet, most people don’t have the knowledge or time to go through the whole legal process. Flight Claim has found an innovative way to do this for you. They automatically check within minutes if you have the right to compensation. If this is the case, they do the processing for you. The best thing of all. If you do not receive a refund, you do not pay.

Flight claim has been part of the Legal Tech Factory for over two years and has helped over 10.000 passengers get to get a refund for their lost vacation hours. They are now focused on expending their service to other European countries.