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Online Legal Services as Powerful Disruptor.

The future of the legal industry

Hiring an expensive lawyers used to be the only way resolve legal issues. Not anymore. Nowadays 74% of legal consumers search online for legal help. As a result, Online Legal Services providers are taking the world by storm.

From instant Legal advice to automatically providing you with all the required legal documents for your situation,

startups are finding innovative ways to serve people in need of legal help. Easier, better and faster than traditional firms.

The Legal Tech Factory provides Online Legal Services startups with the tools and network to reach the required audiences and helps them to grow into viable businesses.

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Areas of Interest

Online legal Services

Nowadays 74% of legal consumers search online for legal help.

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Privacy &

Growing threats in Cyber Security, GDPR become costly and complicated.

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Online Dispute Resolution

Annually 60 billion e-commerce transactions, 1 to 3% lead to a dispute.

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Spending money on lawyers who do repetitive work is outdated.

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Legal Operations

More efficient operation will make services more affordable.

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Litigation Funding

Digital solutions make the funding process easy and accessible.

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Standardizing procedures and automating document generation.

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Research &

Improving prosecution processes and preventing unnecessary costs.

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