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Large Part of the costs are drawing up documents

Any good ideas to speed this up?

Traditionally a large part of the Legal system exists in Legal Documents. While a lot of knowledge resides within these documents, the processes that form them are susceptible of disruption. Companies are standardizing procedures and automating document generation with software like Adapting Legal. Startups like Young Law are using

these solutions to create new business models around specific types of Legal Documents.

We are actively looking for startups that have a similar approach to automating Legal Processes and help them to build viable business that are fit to scale their ideas.

Is your Startup disrupting legal documents as well? Then we can’t wait to hear your story! Apply Now.

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Areas of Interest

Online legal Services

Nowadays 74% of legal consumers search online for legal help.

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Privacy &

Growing threats in Cyber Security, GDPR become costly and complicated.

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Online Dispute Resolution

Annually 60 billion e-commerce transactions, 1 to 3% lead to a dispute.

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Spending money on lawyers who do repetitive work is outdated.

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Legal Operations

More efficient operation will make services more affordable.

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Litigation Funding

Digital solutions make the funding process easy and accessible.

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Standardizing procedures and automating document generation.

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Research &

Improving prosecution processes and preventing unnecessary costs.

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